I find peace in shooting images of nature.

My goal is to find novel patterns of light and color, not conventionally scenic pictures. I also shoot trees and landscapes—and people—but for a local gallery show in 2022 I decided to concentrate on flowers.

Here are some of the images displayed at that gallery—my third show in the last four years. Also, one of my photos earned first place in a competition at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

My photos are less polished than those of many photographers. I believe in doing a minimum of digital editing. No Photoshop. Ambient light only. What you see is what I selected and saw through the lens.

During my career as a journalist and author I published some photojournalism—that was back in the old days of film. In the digital age photography, formerly a hobby, became a passion.

To ask about (modest!) prices for prints or to see additional images, please send me an email.